Ode to Apollo 11 and the joy of discovery

This is important.

life never stops


Dot work tattoos by Ilya Brezinski

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StPete based tattoo artist and talented illustrator Ilya Brezinski shows off his best in dot-work technique. Whatever the material – skin or paper Ilya handles each work with a lot of care and attention to details.


and next on shouri’s ridiculous rule63 projects, haikyuu!!

so, I drew each character twice because I wanted to draw them both in their school uniform and their casual way of wearing their hair, and then in their volleyball uniform with their hair tied up for matches.

as for asahi, I thought it was really hard to transfer his naturally intimidating aura into girl form so despite not drawing it, maybe when her expression is neutral people mistake her for the uptight-class-president type and keep their distance? that was my line of thought anyway.


Baseball Nerd Strikes Again, this time my victims are daichi and suga, for the overdue prompt of “crossover” from daisuga week!
Drawing these things in pencil is really hard!! Especially catchers gear! But I love baseball and today was the koshien final so it’s all the more appropriate


this started off as a continuation for my daisuga week baseball au but then…… it developed into something worse. I’m not 100% happy with the uniform design but the white undershirt looks so much better than both orange and black.. idk what to doooo

(if you’re wondering who far have i gone with this au, this is how far also i’m sorry i don’t actually know much about baseball u_u!! sorry if something doesn’t make sense!)

p.s. when i was looking for refs for a back shot of a catcher i found this adorable pic that i wanna trace so bad 




"Ghostbusters" starring Mindy Kaling, America Ferrera, Aubrey Plaza, and Rebel Wilson



(Source: audreyii-fic)


spray paint on 33 LP

measuring 12” x 12”

a step towards affordable art & design.
all pieces sold will help fund other media projects such as printed designs, film, and animation work.

thank you!

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